Global Warming Current Impacts

This page contains references for probable global warming impacts that have already been observed. The goal is to provide a repository of quality links for anyone looking to see how global warming is already impacting the world. These are less direct than other evidence for global warming, and a separate, similar page for more direct evidence can be found here

DARAGlobal warming was killing ~400,000 people per year and costing ~1% of global GDP by 2010.
Berkeley studyGlobal warming led to an estimated 60,000 additional suicides among Indian farmers over a 30 year period.
Guardian (citing IOM)There is already a climate change refugee crisis in Bangladesh.
Center for Climate and SecurityClimate change probably contributed to the Arab spring.
Columbia University studyClimate change probably contributed to the Syrian civial war and subsequent refugee crisis.
UC Irvine studyGlobal warming is leading to more heat wave deaths.
World Resources InstituteNice summary of the issues Miami is having
NOAASea level rise is already leading to increased flooding
NRDCReduced snow cover is already hurting the ski industry
VariousGlobal warming is already impacting yields of some crops
2014 National Climate Assessment (US)Nice summary overall; linked section provides a nice summary of the relationship between recent heat waves and global warming
Department of Defense (US)Nice summary of current global warming impacts from the military's point of view
ReutersArticle summarizing some current impacts of sea level rise
University of Arizona StudyGlobal warming is already negatively impacting weather in the US southwest
Brown StudyA 1 degree rise in temperature yields a ~10% loss in soy and corn production